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Debt Collection Harassment

The law protects consumers against the humiliating and harassing tactics of debt collectors, from harassing calls, threatening letters or outright lies.


If a consumer has substantial debts or faces a loss of property through garnishment, repossession or foreclosure, it is important to know how the bankruptcy laws can bring relief and what property is protected.

Consumer Fraud

Anytime a consumer makes a purchase or gets a loan, there should be honest dealings from the seller or lender. When there is dishonesty or fraud, the law may provide protections for the consumer.

Tenant's Rights

When renting property, it can feel like the landlord has all of the power, however, Virginia's laws have specific protections for tenants that limit the power of landlords.

Credit Report Errors

A problem in a credit report can prevent a consumer from getting a loan, increase the cost of insurance and even keep you from getting a job. The law requires accurate reporting of information on the credit report.

Student Loans

About 44 million Americans have student loan debt and knowing the options in a loan program can be complicated. Both federal and state law provide payment options and protections for consumers with student loans.

Debt Defense

If you are receiving calls, letters or being sued for a debt, you need to know your rights and how to best defend against the debt or negotiate with the creditor.


The threat of a loss of a consumer's home creates high anxiety and fear. The law may provide options to work out an arrangement to stay in the home or stop the foreclosure sale.

Auto-Debit Errors

With so many payments made by auto debit or e-payment, there are times when the company or the bank makes an error or will not stop the automatic debit of your bank account.  The bank account belongs to the consumer and specific laws protect the right to decide what amounts come out of the their bank account.

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