Jeremy P. White, Esq.

Providing Uncommon Legal Services

No client’s situation is the same. A good guide knows the terrain and can navigate the best path forward. I don’t simply offer a uniform fix to a legal problem. I look at each particular situation and determine how I can best help them find a solution.  Sometimes that may be a referral to another attorney better suited to assist them. Sometimes that is giving some basic information and advice for the client to handle on their own. Sometimes it is representing them in a court case. I provide a personalized plan to the legal problem at competitive rates.

What to Expect From BRCL.

Facing a legal problem can be intimidating and unfamiliar. Dealing with an attorney may not be much better! At BRCL, the goal is to pull back the curtain on the legal process and make sure you’re comfortable. So here is how it usually works around here.

Meeting with a client is the first step. I like to get to know potential clients and want them to get to know me. While I prefer in-person meetings, that may not be the best for the client due to distance from the office or things like pandemics. The first meeting can be by phone or easy-to-use video conferencing.

After the meeting, I will almost always need to review all related documents. Of course, we could also get these before the meeting. This will allow me to better assess the legal situation. We’ll talk about the law, the situation and the fee arrangement. At that point, it is up to the potential client if they want to move forward with me as their attorney.

Depending on the legal problem, I may be able to provide advice and that is all that is needed. I may be able to represent a client in court or file a case for the client. From that point, I will talk about the particular path for that client’s case. If you have questions, just contact me and ask! 

What makes me tick.

When you’re choosing an attorney, you need more than a resume. You need to know about the type of person you are hiring and the motivation for their work. I practiced as a non-profit attorney for nearly 20 years. Out of those years, consumer protection cases became the most enjoyable part of my job. These cases give me a unique opportunity to get to know clients and assist with a financial case or a financially related case. Whether it is a bankruptcy, a repossession, debt defense case, credit reporting or a fraud case, a client’s financial security needs legal protection. It is my hope that my clients will be empowered and have more hope even after the legal work ends.

So why start a solo practice? After a long period at one position, a new vision began to take shape. I would describe it more like an invitation. In many ways, getting to this point was more than a decade in the making. But to call it a “solo practice” is a complete misnomer. I could not and cannot do this alone. I have benefitted infinitely from the insight and prayers of my family and many friends.

On a personal note, I was born in North Dakota and raised in the Midwest and therefore like the cold! I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, particularly the mountains. My affinity for the Blue Ridge started when I attended law school in Lexington, Virginia. I am a fan of trail running to clear my mind and heart. The mountains are often where I spend time and spend time with my wife and kids. We hike together, bike ride or just find a quiet place to walk. I also enjoy reading, listening to a good podcast or watching a Mandalorian episode with the fam!

Our Mission

The heartbeat of Blue Ridge Consumer Law is to know each client personally and help each one navigate uncertain legal terrain. In just about every situation in life, we are better off with an experienced guide. Legal problems are no different. We provide the legal maps to bring clarity and hope instead of uncertainty.